Product Conditions

WickyDog is pleased to offer you different shopping options where you can choose among New, Open-Box, and Certified Refurbished products.







Products returned under Wicky Dog Return & Exchange Promise

Products repaired and restored to a like-new state



Excellent-Certified, Excellent, Satisfactory or Fair

Like New

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An open-box item refers to one with an opened box that is often resealed or repackaged by the reseller. It’s worth noting that an open-box product is also just an opened box, meaning the contents inside (the original product) are brand new and unused.

Customers return opened products for a variety of reasons. Some open-box products served as in-store displays. Each open-box product was tested or inspected to verify proper working order and physical appearance, and assigned a condition — Excellent-Certified, Excellent, Satisfactory or Fair. In addition, most open-box products include all parts and accessories (exceptions are noted as part of the product's condition).

Often times an open-box product is a golden opportunity to the customer! You get a brand new product at a discounted rate, all due to the opening – or even just a tear – of the packaging.

Certified Refurbished

The term Certified Refurbished means that these products undergo a process in which they are fully restored  and inspected and tested by either the manufacturer or WickyDogbeforehand. It is possible the product was pre-owned or used for store demos.

Sometimes products work as expected, but need some sprucing up (such as a new screen, battery or casing). Certified Refurbished products are repaired and restored to a like-new state (may have minor scratches). The products are verified to work properly and include all essential parts and accessories.

Depending on your needs, if you’re not fussy with new packaging, and purchasing a display item, you’ll benefit from the additional 20-70% off the original retail price tag!

Many refurbished products are sold ‘as-is’, meaning you cannot return them. A Certified Refurbished product, on the other hand, will come with a WickyDog short-term warranty. This warranty allows the customer to return or exchange the product should there be any functional defects after purchasing the item.

It’s easy to be attracted to the appearance of new and sealed packaging, keep in mind though, that your best bargain may lie in opting for a recertified, or open-box item.

As you know, we unleash the deals at WickyDog and pledge to offer you great deals and provide great service to you That’s why all of our open-box, recertified electronics are priced at up to 70% off the original retail price, and include a 30-day warranty!