We’re a team of people with years of experience selling computers and tech related products. We’ve combined our strengths and talents to start WickyDog, and to sell those products to a market that’s new to us: the consumer.

Look, we’re consumers and we buy stuff, too. When we’re spending our own hard earned money, we want to be confident that we’re getting the best deal. We want to understand what we’re buying, what’s included, and what our options are. While price is nice, that’s only a part of it; quality, warranties, returns, and repair are just as important. There’s more to an order than just getting it there and service shouldn’t end or fall off after the package arrives.

The same things we value on the buying side are the ones we hope to provide to you as a seller: trust and reliability. We’ll be there from the beginning of an order until after it’s delivered, answering questions and giving you any other help along the way. Friendly, unwavering service, faithfully by your side.

Our name, as you might guess, comes from our dogs. As we were building our business, it occurred to us that these are the traits we all admire about our dogs. Thus the name WickyDog — a long ago, beloved companion who has inspired us to unleash the deals and best value to you.

Yours Sincerely,

The WickyDog Team


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